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Is a spray on bedliner worth it?

You might get a premium bedliner but if you hire an unskilled person to spray it on your truck, you’ll miss on all its key benefits. All in all, a liner that does its job well is worth every cent. It will protect your truck paint from chipping, keep off scratches, dents, rust and corrosion.

But what about drop in bedliners? I heard they can save me alot of money?

Plastic liners are known to trap water between the liner and the bed of the truck. This can cause rust or corrosion, especially if your truck sits outside for a long period of time. Because once a plastic liner is loose, it can wear through the paint on the bed floor.

How long does a spray in liner take to dry?

Your Liner is cured to touch and light use when you pick it up. We suggest that you wait 24 hours before washing and placing anything over 50 lbs in the bed of your truck. After 24 hours there are no restrictions.

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