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Innovations in Colored Bedliner Coatings

Discover the latest advancements in colored bedliner coatings, from UV-stable pigments to cutting-edge nanotechnology and durable formulations.

Protecting Your Investment With Bedliner Coatings

Protect your truck bed with a durable bedliner spray system. Learn about the difference between high-pressure and low-pressure options. Find out more here.

Unraveling The Remarkable Popularity of Truck Bedliners

Discover the reasons behind the surge in popularity of truck bedliners and how they protect and enhance truck beds. Learn more here.

How to Choose the Right Bedliner Coating

Looking for a durable bedliner for your truck? Consider the benefits of spray-on bedliners, which offer protection against fading and water collection.

Adding Color to Spray-On Bedliners: A Professional Approach

Discover the benefits of adding color to spray-on bedliners. Enhance your truck’s aesthetics and protect it from scratches and UV rays. Learn more!

Ensuring Secure Cargo: The Mechanism of Spray Bedliners

Discover the importance of secure cargo in the transportation industry and how spray bedliners ensure reliable protection for your goods.

Everything You Need to Know About Bedlining Your Entire Car

Wholly Bedlined: A Wacky Ride or Wise Decision? Picture this: a vehicle covered entirely in a bedliner. No, you’re not hallucinating. It’s the latest trend in the automotive world, and we’re here to spill the beans on this unconventional choice. Is bedlining your car a genius move or just plain bonkers? If you’re tired of the same old paint jobs, prepare to have your mind blown. Bedlining, typically used to protect truck beds from scratches and dents, has now infiltrated the realm of personal vehicles. It’s like giving your car a suit of armor, ready to conquer the asphalt jungle. Why settle for a sleek, shiny veneer when you could go for the rugged look of a bedliner coating? Imagine the poetic irony of a luxurious sedan dressed up like a beefed-up monster truck. It’s like putting a tuxedo on a gorilla – hilarious and strangely mesmerizing. But hold your horses, my friend. Before diving headfirst into this bedliny extravaganza, let’s weigh the pros and cons. On the upside, you’ll never have to worry about rock chips or parking lot door dings again. Your car will become an unstoppable force, exuding an aura of invinc

Why Truck Bedliners Are Important | A Resource Guide

The need to protect bed liners of trucks has been around dating back to the early  1950’s with the creation of the first pickup trucks.  Originally materials like wood planks were the solution for protecting the truck bed. The wood planks served as a barrier between what was being hauled and protecting the surface of […]

How to Improve Your Fleet with Bedliner Coatings | Wolf Bedliners

When you’re running a transport business, you want your fleet to look good, sturdy and efficient. This is a true sign you are maintaining your fleet effectively. Whatever type of transport service you provide, whether it’s maintenance, hospitality, construction, utility or delivery services, your bottom line will be good if your service fleet runs as […]