How to Customize Your Vehicle with Spray Bedliner Coatings

Spraying the entire vehicle with bedliner coating is all the rave!


Some owners of pickups have their entire vehicle sprayed with bedliner material.

It’s an unexpected development in an industry which you could have thought was only about making damage-resistant cargo boxes.

If you’re planning to spray the entire bed area of your brand new pickup with a thick layer of polyurea protective coating, why stop there?

The spray-in bedliner industry has carved out a niche business opportunity for truck owners who want to see the entirety of their vehicle covered with the spray on bedliner material.

In the past, aftermarket bedliner services have occupied a small portion of the automobile industry, providing pure practicality as the kind of coating which protects beds for pickups from scratches and dings. Today, it is at the cutting-edge of fashion for car people who want to take their truck.

Its not only pickups that are receiving the whole body spray treatment. Customers have brought in golf carts, ATVs or other off-road vehicles to get the full body treatment. Standard dark gray is the most common but there’s also an arid tan shade. Whole body spray is a great create an edgier appearance.

The process to spray your entire vehicle isn’t cheap so be prepared. However, it will last the entire life of your vehicle. Off-roaders won’t need to worry about scratches to their paint caused by tree branches or other dangers. The coating is approximately a 16th of an inch thicker, which is more than the standard paint job.

The concept of coating the entire vehicle is becoming popular but it’s taking a while to get there. It’s for those who are looking for something distinct. 

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