How to Choose the Right Bedliner Coating


Bedliners can be applied to various surfaces but the environment should be considered when choosing the right liner. This will help determine its durability against fading. Prior to purchasing, it is advisable to look for a UV topcoat, which is a pigmented clear coat that can prolong the color and shine of the bedliner.

Spray-on bedliners offer several advantages over drop-in bedliners. Unlike drop-in bedliners, spray-on bedliners do not shift or move when cargo is loaded into the truck bed. They also prevent water from collecting, which is beneficial for transporting heavy items. Furthermore, spray-on bedliners are more durable because they are permanently installed and do not shift, break, or fall out. While drop-in bedliners are generally more durable than spray-on bedliners, they may not be easily available for older truck models. On the other hand, spray-on bedliners are guaranteed to fit the bed in all years.

High-quality bedliners are made of durable materials and provide a more uniform texture compared to low-quality bedliners. Low-pressure bedliners are less expensive but may require research to find a reliable source. Professional dealers can help with the installation of the bedliner and assist in identifying the appropriate material for your truck.

DIY bedliners are functional but not suitable for rough environments. They are designed for use in safe and clean conditions. To prevent damage, it is important to be cautious when moving or placing heavy objects on the bedliner. If any accidental scratches occur, the bedliner can be easily washed and replaced as necessary. By taking proper care, the bedliner can last for several years. Additionally, bedliners are considered a valuable investment when selling your truck in the future.

Bedliners are beneficial for trucks as they prevent scratches and dents, as well as enhance the appearance of the truck bed. There are two common methods to install a liner: drop-in bedliners and spray-on liners. While the latter may require more effort, it can be a cost-effective option in the long run. Additionally, there are various brands and types of bedliners available, giving vehicle owners plenty of choices.

Spray-on bedliners are an affordable alternative to traditional bedliners. They are applied using high-pressure, high-temperature application, creating a rubberized layer of protection. Originally used in the military and heavy equipment industry, they are now gaining popularity due to high-quality DIY kits. These bedliners offer both a unique appearance and excellent protection. Wolf Bedliners, 951.354.9653

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