Top Three Reasons to Install a Bedliner for Your Truck

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A bedliner is a custom-made protective cover for the cargo area of your truck. Considered essential for trucks, bedliners are a popular accessory. While not obligatory, many truck owners choose to install them. There are several reasons why bedliner installation is advised, but in this article, we will focus on the top three reasons. Understanding the advantages of bedliner installation will help you select the most suitable option for your truck.

If you plan to apply your own bedliner, you can buy a kit from a store. The kit includes one gallon of black protective bedliner coating, an application brush, and two rollers. The liner is made of a durable polyurethane formula and will not peel or flake once applied. Before starting, remember to prepare the bed.

A spray-on bedliner is an alternative option that can be applied using a paint booth. It can be composed of 100% polyurethane, 100% polyurea, or a hybrid of both materials. The specific composition of the spray-on bedliner will vary depending on the manufacturer and location. While most of these coatings are polyurethane, some may also be aromatic. After purchasing a bedliner, it is important to wait at least 24 hours before driving or loading the vehicle.

Spray-on bedliners offer a fast and simple application process, but may necessitate professional installation. Although less costly than roll-on bedliners, they may be more challenging to apply. For DIY enthusiasts, purchasing a kit and self-applying can be a viable option, as the kit includes detailed instructions. To ensure the best results, carefully read and adhere to the instructions provided on the label. Both types of bedliners offer various advantages.

Spray-on bed liners are long-lasting and do not need frequent replacement like drop-in liners. They provide a secure and stable fit without shifting or falling out, offering more convenience. These bed liners shield your truck’s bed from dirt and water, although they may not be compatible with all truck models.

Drop-in bedliners offer a cost-effective option compared to spray-on alternatives. Constructed from rigid polyethylene composite, these liners easily slide into the truck bed. While they may not provide the same durability as spray-on options, drop-in bedliners remain a popular choice for those on a budget. They can be installed DIY, but caution is advised due to potential risks.

A drop-in liner can be easily installed by any mechanic without prior preparation. Conversely, a spray-on liner entails more extensive work, including surface preparation and masking off overspray areas. While some DIY enthusiasts may attempt to apply a spray-on bedliner themselves, it is advisable to hire a professional. Wolf Bedliners, 951.354.9653

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