How Long Does Truck Bedliner Coating Take to Cure?

truck bedliner

A fresh coat of truck bedliner provides a protective and grippy surface for your hardworking hauler. But before you toss in your toolbox or bags of mulch, it’s crucial to let the coating cure completely. Here’s the breakdown on cure times for different bedliner applications:

Understanding Curing vs. Drying

There’s a difference between drying and curing. Drying refers to when the surface feels no longer tacky to the touch. Curing, however, is the complete process where the coating reaches its full strength and adhesion.

Spray-in Bedliners:

Popular for their durability, spray-in bedliners typically cure within 24 hours under normal conditions (around 70°F and 50% humidity). Some manufacturers might even specify a shorter timeframe for light use. However, for maximum strength and to avoid potential damage, waiting 48 hours is recommended.

Roll-on or Paint-on Bedliners:

These DIY options offer a more affordable alternative. Drying times can vary depending on the product, but generally fall within 1-3 hours. However, for full cure, you’ll need to wait 72 hours (3 days) before heavy use.

Factors Affecting Cure Time:

  • Temperature: Warmer temperatures accelerate cure time, while colder temperatures slow it down. Ideally, apply bedliner in a well-ventilated area between 60°F and 80°F.
  • Humidity: High humidity can extend cure time. Aim for a low-humidity environment for optimal results.
  • Number of Coats: Applying multiple coats will naturally add to the overall cure time.

Tips for Optimal Curing:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions: Every product has specific recommendations.
  • Park your truck in a well-ventilated, dry area.
  • Avoid using the bed for heavy loads or washing it during the cure time.
  • If unsure, err on the side of caution and wait longer for complete cure.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure your truck bedliner cures properly, providing long-lasting protection and a confident grip for your cargo. Wolf Bedliners, Inc., 951.354.9653

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